A young survivor of a devastating earthquake

In May 2008, a devastating earthquake in southwest Sichuan Province in China took away many lives and injured a brave girl – Wang Bin.

This young survivor lost her right arm and broke her left while trying to rescue one of her schoolmates. To honor her altruistic act, Noble has committed to sponsor her education from primary school until she finishes university.

Eleven years on, Wang Bin is going to start college this September. Ting Ting Wang in our Beijing office is in close contact with her. In their recent conversation, we know that although she is not satisfied with the results of her college entrance exam, she is excited and looking forward to her college life in the coming 3 years.

In the Guang’an Vocational & Technical College, Sichuan province, she will live in a student dormitory and have the chance to participate in student clubs and social activities. She likes playing badminton and was an awarded sprint athlete in the 5th Chongqing Disabled Games. She is determined to complete her study and has a goal to pursue a bachelor degree with an additional 1-2 years of study.

We wish her every success in her next chapter of college life!

Wang Bin visited to our Beijing office in 2012.

In 2019, she is going to start college in Sichuan.