We believe that doing the right thing by our customers and the world not only leads to a better future for all, but makes good business sense.

Investing in sustainable business practices means investing in our long-term future.

We use our expertise to connect commodity producing regions with consumer markets to enable sustainable economic growth across Asia-Pacific.

Noble is committed to supporting Asia’s transition to a low-carbon future.

We manage our business in a responsible way and believe sustainability and integrity are important to our operations.

Positive Social and Environmental Impacts

We primarily focus on our supply chain management activities and with these in mind, we prioritise initiatives that deliver economic growth, contribute positively to social wellbeing and impact the environment in a good way.

Our long-term efforts focus on providing education, healthcare and resource conservation.

Our people devote lots of personal time and effort on the things that are most important to them as volunteers to serve and benefit local communities.

New Value Chains

We invest in the new value chains that support renewable energy generation.

This means focusing on providing our customers with high-quality, responsibly sourced products such as cleaner fuel blends and rare earth metals that are crucial for the production of renewable technologies.

Our customer focus on reliability, efficiency and proven supply chain expertise ensures that tailored products are delivered on time, and to specification.

Our commitments enable our customers to explore growth opportunities in a low-carbon economy.

A Responsible Supplier

Noble forms strategic partnerships with market-leading energy raw materials producers and asset developers who place a strong focus on supply chain integrity and sustainable sourcing.

Through a joint venture, we partner with Harbour Energy. We also have a long-term offtake agreement for high-energy, low-ash coals with Australia’s Whitehaven Coal.

As a founding member of the Global Rare Earth Industry Association (GloREIA), we have established a global association to develop an integrated, de-risked and sustainable value chain for rare earth materials.

In 2019, we proudly partnered with the University of Birmingham’s School of Metallurgy to revolutionise rare earth magnet recycling for the electric vehicle market.

Governance and Transparency

While we are focused on helping to drive the sustainable growth of Asia’s businesses, we take responsibility for the impact we make to the parts of the value chains we control.

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, we are accountable in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

Annually we publish a modern slavery statement to address human rights issues.

We work with our stakeholders to empower communities, and positively impact the environment through our operations and the supply chains we can influence.

We are committed to best-in-class governance systems and processes.

In addition to our Board, our day-to-day operations are governed by Noble’s Code of Business Conduct and Guidelines, and are stringently enforced.

Adding extra governance to our business, we have a comprehensive cyber-security framework that underlines our robust risk management procedures, and ensures the safety and security of our customers’ and employees’ data.

By publishing an annual Sustainability Report that outlines material sustainability criteria and our progress, and in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiatives GRI Standards, we demonstrate our commitment to greater transparency and accountability.

Today, companies need to show they are fit for a cleaner and more inclusive future.

We believe running a business that operates in the best interests of our stakeholders is key to Noble’s long-term success.


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