Noble’s metallurgical coke and coal business is one of the largest, and one of the few, seaborne supply chain managers.

We originate supply from spot transactions and long-term offtake agreements.

We also manage the supply chain and provide risk management services to steel mills, metallurgical coal suppliers and metallurgical coke producers.

We enjoy a dominant share of approximately 70% of the global seaborne metallurgical coke trade.

Our trade originates from a multi-origin pipeline from all major coke producing regions including China, Australia, Japan, India, Egypt, Columbia, Russia, and Poland. We have a significant market share with all coke end-users worldwide.

Our experts are closely involved in the value chain such as taking over and managing struggling coke ovens, and funding installation of coke ovens for green field projects.

Noble’s metallurgical coke and coal business has successfully positioned itself as a raw material consultant in the steel value chain.

We take pride in providing ‘Value in Use’ benefits from our diversified basket of products. Our other value adding services include support for our strategic partners through various tailor-made structured finance options.

We evolve with the times to continually create substantial value for our clients. For our worldwide customers, steel mills, we create and present customised, strategic solutions that lower their raw materials costs.

Ajay MishraGlobal Head of Metallurgical Coke & Coal

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