Noble’s Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) offer is to create distinctive, secure supply chain solutions that meet its customers’ needs and that manage the associated market, credit and operational risks.


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Noble is not tied to any specific supply so we are free to independently source LNG from multiple suitable locations.

Our business experts combine their knowledge and collective years of physical trading experience with expertise in financial hedging and risk management, and our research analysts are embedded in our customer service teams, allowing real time communication.

This enables us to deliver solutions that truly satisfy customers’ complex requirements.

Reliability is crucial to operating a successful LNG business.

At Noble, we are proud of our excellence in LNG operations and logistics. Over the years, we have chartered hundreds of different vessels across numerous commodities which includes a strong track record chartering LNG ships.

Noble’s in-house experts manage daily LNG operations such as ship chartering, terminal assurance and LNG cargo quality / measurement to ensure compliance with all contractual and regulatory obligations and our own comprehensive company policies.

We insist on strict vetting procedures and work hard to ensure all terminals and vessels follow international standards from an operational and environmental standpoint.

We strive to differentiate ourselves from peers through our strong focus on client relationships. We always work with customers to tailor innovative and flexible solutions to their specific requirements.

Neroy NathHead of LNG Trading

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