Our energy coal business is a leading global seaborne franchise with an Asia focus consisting of long-term marketing, supply chain management services, trading and customer service.

We have built our business on our long-term relationships and partnerships with producers and customers, where we manage product flows, provide risk assessment and management services.


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We have a long-term strategic presence in key energy coal markets and enjoy a deep understanding of customer needs in Asia.

As a leading non-producer shipper of seaborne energy coal, we trade 6% of the global seaborne market and 8% of the Asia-Pacific market.

We continuously work on expanding our services and aim to leverage our commodity portfolio to create multiple contact points and new growth opportunities in the traditionally large Asian markets.

We have a portfolio of more than 50 million tonnes of various grades of energy coal sourced and marketed across Asia-Pacific.

More than 90% of Noble’s energy coal sourcing occurs in Indonesia and Australia, with long-term offtakes representing over 60% of total sourcing volumes (excluding marketing).

We aim to remain the preferred supply chain partner in Asia, with a broad portfolio of energy products to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

Gerry FeerickGlobal Head of Energy Coal

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