Bringing safety to street and slum children in India

Every night children sleep alone on the streets and around the Kolkata’s main stations. Many are ill, most suffer serious forms of exploitation and all are vulnerable.

A dedicated charity – Future Hope has been helping destitute children escape poverty and danger of the streets for the over 30 years. They provide a safe home where children can feel cared for and help them to become independent, self-supporting members of society.

Noble Foundation is a proud partner of Future Hope for almost a decade. In 2018, 140 children are kept safe in their six homes. Around 250 children are offered with full time and all-round education. Their sports and cultural programmes give children the opportunity to build confidence and explore their individual talents. We also see 500 young families are now raise by self-sufficient Future Hope Alumni.

Future Hope school offers an all-round education to the most vulnerable children in Kolkata irrespective of caste, creed, race, and gender.

As the Section 135 of the Companies Act and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Rules in India came into effective in 2014, we have taken steps to ensure that we comply with the two percent spending of our profits on charitable activities. We formulated a CSR policy and had set up a CSR committee to oversee our projects selection and implementation of our Indian operations.

The CSR committee reviews our programme every year, and since 2017, our Indian subsidiary has picked up the baton to continuing our financial assistance to Future Hope.

“We feel this project – Future Hope is well aligned with the thematic areas set out by Schedule VII of the Act, particularly on its goal to reduce inequality, provide free education and medical care for destitute children. “said Jeffrey Alam, Chairman and Director of the CSR Committee.