Noble is Asia’s leading independent energy products and raw materials supply chain manager.

We supply energy raw materials, technology metals, special ores, industrial minerals, and base metals, and are supported by our freight and logistics operations. We are also rapidly moving into alternative and renewable energy-related businesses.

What does “supply chain manager” mean? 

It means we source these products and materials from producers. In some cases, we blend or process them to meet customers’ exact requirements.

We transport them usually by sea either on our own vessels or chartered vessels, and deliver them to end users.

Along the way, if required, we may also provide financing and price risk management such as price hedging to our customers, whether they are suppliers or end users.

What do we mean by “energy products and raw materials”?   

In terms of energy products, we handle bituminous and sub-bituminous thermal coal and liquified natural gas (LNG) to support power generation.

We also work with hard coking coal, pulverised coal injection coal, semisoft coal and metallurgical coke for iron and steel production.

Additionally, we handle refined oil products such as gasoil, gasoline, jet fuel and heavy fuel oil.

In terms of raw materials, we deal with special ores and industrial minerals such as manganese, chrome, tin and tungsten, base metals including copper, zinc, lead and nickel, technology metals such as rare earth elements, cobalt and lithium, alumina and aluminium.

Why do we say we are independent?  

Apart from Jamalco, a joint venture in bauxite mining and alumina production in Jamaica, and Harbour Energy, a joint venture producing North Sea oil, we do not own any production or mining assets.  This means we provide an independent price point for our supplier and end user customers to ensure the best terms available.

In doing business with all of our customers we focus on service excellence, efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

Risk-based due diligence in minerals supply chain

To assure we only trade with responsible supply chain parties, and that we meet the due diligence expectations of the international community, Noble operates according to a Conflict Minerals Policy that sets out our standards of business conduct.

We publish an annual report on our procedures and processes applied for sourcing minerals from conflict regions. In line with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Framework for Risk-Based Due Diligence in the Mineral Supply Chain, the 2018 due diligence report is available here.

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