From building human capital to supporting social renewal, we are playing an active role in the Jamaican mining community.

As a major shareholder in Jamalco bauxite mining and alumina refinery, Noble continues to develop its social responsibility objectives and build lasting partnerships within the community. Over the years, we have conducted site visits and met with local officials to evaluate education, health and community needs in the area.

In the past three years, Noble Foundation had funded a range of community development and empowerment programmes in Jamaica. Each initiative has been shown to enrich and improve the lives of the communities within the refineries’ operating areas. Here are a few examples of projects we supported in 2018.

Facilities upgrade and skills trainings

Healthcare service across Jamaica faces chronic shortage on medical supplies and equipment. The lack of vital facilities affect the quality of patient care. In line with our ongoing focus on health, we worked with the Southern Regional Health Authority to identify the supplies that are most needed by hospitals in the region.

In 2018, we donated a hand drill, emergency patient stretcher trolleys and orthopaedic beds with mattresses. In Manchester, we support the refurbishment and building of a new examination room in the Pratville Health Centre, the construction is expected to complete by mid-2019.

Advancing Childhood Education Programme is a lasting initiative to offer specialist training on early childhood education. This one-year programme has entered its fifth year to cover topics such as child psychology, behaviour management and teaching of literacy, numeracy and children with special needs. Our contribution has enabled 25 basic school teachers to undergo training, and the objective is to increase the readiness of children amongst 6 year olds.

An education centre for children with special needs was inaugurated at the Mocho Primary and Infant School.

Jamalco Career Enhancement Programme recruits and trains high school dropouts to continue their education. In 2018, Noble Foundation sponsored 60 young persons from Clarendon and Manchester to receive trainings in welding, electrical installation and cosmetology. The class will graduate in the first quarter of 2019.

In Clarendon, a special education unit was recently inaugurated in the Mocho Primary and Infant School. With a grant jointly provided by Noble Foundation and Jamalco, the centre is now equipped with a library, sensory room, reading room and computer tablets. Children with special needs now have access to a state-of-the-art unit that will facilitate their academic, behavioural and social skills development.

An education centre for children with special needs was inaugurated at the Mocho Primary and Infant School.

Support staff volunteering in social renewal projects

Every year, staff from Jamalco organise themselves to embark on sponsored refurbishment and renovation projects in the nearby schools and social facilities. In 2018, over 25 community based organizations and institutions benefitted from Good Deeds grants from the Noble Foundation and Jamalco. In addition, 142 team members each successfully completed 50 hours of service and obtained a donation for their respective project.