About Noble

Noble sources and supplies the raw materials that enable Asia’s growth. Our unparalleled knowledge of Asian commodities markets, extensive experience and network of relationships uniquely support our customers to help drive growth in the world’s fastest growing economic region.

We operate in the supply chain for energy raw materials, technology metals, special ores, industrial minerals, and base metals and we leverage our regional network to facilitate the marketing, processing, financing and transportation of these raw materials across Asia. We also provide supply chain and risk management services to our clients.

Noble has contributed to a period of unprecedented economic growth in Asia, supplying customers over the last quarter of a century.

As the industrial environment in Asia evolves, we are increasingly looking to focus beyond the supply of raw materials, providing solutions that meet our customers’ rapidly changing needs.

As a trusted partner to our clients, our business is built on strong customer relationships and a proven track record of exceptional service. We are agile and quick to react to market dynamics, meet the evolving needs of, and provide optimal value to, our customers.

Our reliability, efficiency and expertise ensure that tailored products are delivered on time, and to specification.

Noble is committed to long-term, sustainable growth and is working to support Asia’s transition to a low-carbon economy.

By supplying cleaner fuel blends and the raw materials for alternative energy sources, as well as our efficient and responsible sourcing strategy, we are helping to drive sustainable growth across Asia and beyond, while minimising the environmental impact of the parts of the supply chain we control.